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Restoration Squad

Restoration Squad

The answers to your patients Crown and Bridge needs!
We’re armed with a variety of solutions and material options ranging from all Ceramics to full metal restorations.

Quick Quest

When You Need A Local Hero

Locally Made. Reliable. Awesome.
Our Origin range is locally made right at your doorstep. This locally crafted range are made by expert technicians using the latest technology.

Occlusal Splints

Letting the City Sleep

One Occlusal at a time!
Dedicated to protecting your patients from a variety of temporomandibular disorders and bruxism. Our Occlusal Splints are armed by the best thermoplastic materials, providing a natural fit for long term protection.

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All the wonders you can achieve with Southern Cross Dental!

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Meet the Restorers
Introducing our Crown and Bridge product range. A comparison sheet helping you make the right decisions for your patients. 

Restoration Squad's Prep Guide
You can never be too prepared! Watch Dr. Simon Parson's tips and tricks on Crown and Bridgework.  

How will you let the city sleep? 
Choose your Splint! Download our comparison sheet outlining SCD's Occlusal Splints.


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